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Forma is the first thermal skin treatment that doesn’t hurt you and adjusts itself. The Forma uses RF power that flows evenly between the electrodes to give a warm feeling and then make the muscles contract.

This “lunchtime” treatment is quick and works well. It makes your skin tighter and makes you look younger. Forma will also make your skin more flexible, making your wrinkles less noticeable.


How it Functions

Radiofrequency treatment with Forma is the best way to tighten the skin. A hand-held wand gently heats the dermal layer of the skin to make it work. As the skin warms up, the body acts as if the treated areas were slightly hurt, making collagen to help the area heal. The result is skin that is tighter and smoother, with better lift and contour that lasts. The process does not hurt and is not invasive. You can get treatment for all parts of your face and body, including
  • Eyespots
  • Smile lines
  • Neck
  • Nose-to-mouth creases
  • Jowls
  • Forehead
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
Forma can treat any area where skin tightening would be helpful. But people often ask, “Will it hurt?” as their first question about skin tightening treatments for the face and body. The answer is Forma skin tightening is not only painless, but many people find it to be relaxing and comfortable. Patients often say that getting a Forma treatment feels like getting a warm stone massage on their face. Besides, the Forma wand’s heat settings can be changed by hand so you can use a lower location on sensitive areas like around the eyes. We can put something on your skin that will hurt less.

What are Forma Treatments?

Forma treatments are non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures that use radiofrequency technology to promote collagen production, improve skin elasticity, and address various cosmetic concerns, such as wrinkles and sagging skin.

How Safe is Forma?

Forma is safe to use on all skin types and has been approved by the FDA. It is a completely painless procedure that doesn’t need any time off to heal. With Forma technology, we can ensure that all treatment areas have the right amount of heat

How Painful is Forma?

Even though the Forma wand heats up to about 109 degrees, the procedure isn’t considered painful. This is especially true if you ask for a numbing gel, which you don’t have to do. Many people say it feels like having hot stones rubbed on your face. But the heat settings are set by hand, so around the eyes, where the skin is more sensitive, the heat is turned down to avoid pain.

What to Expect from the Forma Skin Tightening Treatment

During your medical pre-evaluation, we will discuss your aesthetic goals and the results you want to see to see if the Forma skin tightening procedure is correct.
How many sessions you need to get the best results will depend on the area being treated and how loose your skin is. Fewer sessions are required in places with mild laxity.
Sessions are usually scheduled once a week. You can finish each session in less than an hour. So, when you take Forma, you can feel the effects immediately. With each treatment, your skin gets tighter and looks younger. SCHEDULE CONSULTATION


Dr. Gujjar offers an extensive selection of skin tightening therapies, so he can provide highly customized solutions for each unique patient. While each skin tightening method is effective as a stand-alone treatment, Dr. Gujjar’s commitment to excellence has led him to develop world-renowned, combination skin tightening protocols. Dr. Gujjar’s unique and patient-tailored treatments involve strategic combinations of cutting-edge skin tightening therapies, including: Microneedling radiofrequency treatments



Most healthy adults who want to prevent or minimize skin laxity are good candidates for skin tightening therapy. Dr. Gujjar is highly skilled in a range of non-invasive, minimally invasive, and more intensive surgical skin tightening methods, so he is able to find safe, effective treatments that fit each unique patient’s needs. Patients undergoing body sculpting and fat reduction procedures are often good candidates for skin tightening therapies. Skin tightening treatments can help your skin retract to accentuate your new, slimmer body contours.


  • Immediate, noticeable improvements
  • The look is natural but younger.
  • Non-invasive
  • Stretch marks, sagging skin, scars, and wrinkles are all dealt with.
  • Made to fit any part of the body
  • All skin types can use it, and it works well
  • Long-lasting results


Under the care of leading cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Gujjar, you can achieve visibly tighter, firmer, and more radiant skin. To experience the exceptional results and personalized attention that only Dr. Gujjar can provide, contact our Skinwood office to schedule a consultation.


The price of skin Forma therapy is affected by several factors. Dr. Gujjar will consider the severity of your skin laxity, the size and location of the treatment area(s), and your unique anatomy to determine the optimal combination of procedures to achieve your desired outcome. Dr. Gujjar will discuss your treatment options and all associated costs at your consultation.




With dedicated team catering to each chosen vertical, we ensure that we provide focused attention and knowledge-based consulting engagement to both our clients and professionals.

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Ксения Ш
Ксения Ш
1 March 2024
I have been seeing Dr. Gujjar since 2022 & I am really happy to have found a doctor I can trust. I’m from Russia and it was difficult to find a trust worthy Doctor away from your country. He is very professional, intelligent & absolutely fantastic at his art of aesthetics. My lip filler went wrong & I was scared to trust any Doctor in mumbai. But I’m glad I found him. The only Dr I trust with my fillers & Botox. He’s a magician. I can’t thank him enough. If you’re looking for best Dr to enhance your face than Dr Sagar Gujjar is the one. And don’t miss out on their Hydra Facial. And yes Skinwood staff is really very welcoming and knowledgeable. Kudos to the team 💫 Home away from Home.
Narelle M
Narelle M
28 February 2024
Thank you Yui for always being lovely and looking after me when I come for treatments. I always relax in your hands. 💕
ashika Rele
ashika Rele
26 February 2024
I have had a great experience with skinwood so far they are extremely deserving of a 5 - star rating for their upscaled and an innovative approach to skin care. One of the preferred personnels who works for Skinwood is Pooja Bhatt. She’s absolutely phenomenal at her job for various reasons. One of the main reasons is that - she’s absolutely soft spoken and patient. She also is seamlessly able to module between a gentle to a not pressured touch over the skin based on the equipment she’s handling, that owes credit to her experience i believe. Overall, Great experience!
Aditi Khinchi
Aditi Khinchi
21 February 2024
I’ve been visiting Skinwood clinic since a year, and honestly I’m so happy with Dr Sagar and its team. I’m so happy with my Nose thread’s results. Dr Sagars treatment has shown remarkable differences. I’ve been to many dermatologists but failed to get the results. Dr & his team listened to my concerns and offer me the treatment accordingly. No extra pushing. And their staff 👏 super professional and kind. Must visit skinwood for your aesthetic concern & facials. And they have the best & most upgraded technology. Luxury for a reason
neha Chandak
neha Chandak
21 February 2024
Started with my emerald laser journey 45 days back and honestly I’m so impressed & happy with the technology. The results are really certain. Highly recommended. Staff is very helpful & professional.
Siddique Ahmed
Siddique Ahmed
20 February 2024
Do visit here one stop solutions for all ur skin concern thnks to Dr and the staff
kamini pawar
kamini pawar
18 January 2024
Dr. Sagar Gujjar is legit the best! I've been to a bunch of dermatologists, and nobody really got what was up with my skin. But Dr. Sagar? Dude knows his stuff. He took the time to break it all down for me, no rushing, just chill vibes. My skin's looking way better now, and here's the deal – no fake promises, just real, practical solutions. Even when I moved to Bangalore, these guys are still my go-to. The whole team's got my back whenever I've got an issue. Big shoutout to Laxmi at the front desk – always polite, always helping out. This clinic is on another level when it comes to ethics. Seriously, if you're in Mumbai and need a derm, this is the spot. Mad respect to Dr. Sagar and the team
Dr. Rakhi Upadhyay
Dr. Rakhi Upadhyay
15 January 2024
Dr Sagar is best at his job. I’m really impressed with the treatment he recommended me for my pigmentation. The results are very certain also I’ve done my lip filler with him last month and very much satisfied with the outcome. Genuine Clinic & Very friendly staff. A must visit.
Nina Shah
Nina Shah
10 January 2024
Skinwood is so professional! Best facials in Bombay! Staff are so lovely too! Always a good experience
sheetal khaire
sheetal khaire
8 January 2024
Beautiful experience! All the treatments are really good. Must give a try,relli effective!



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